Karina (aespa) drew attention by showing off her beautiful beauty at the Yves Saint Laurent beauty event

Her visuals can take on the camera from any angle. 

On the morning of the 18th, a photo call event for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty was held at Lotte Department Store’s headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul.

aespa Karina

Karina participated in the event, along with other aespa’s members, and showed her stunning beauty. Wearing a black off-shoulder outfit, Karina boasted her slender neckline and a prominent collarbone line. The idol also attracted attention with her perfect “V-line” (V-shaped chin and jawline) in a simple neatly tied hairdo. 

aespa Karina

Upon seeing her event photos, fans were in awe of her “Disney princess” image that flaunted a small face, big eyes, and a tall nose. Karina’s light and smooth complexion, red lips, and neat eyebrows revealed a flawless beauty. Despite the strange photo angle, Karina was still glowing through and through.  

Currently, the 00-liner Karina is promoting activities in the SM’s group project GOT The Beat and aespa.


Source: insight

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