Suzy-lookalike Park Se Jeong had a bad ending in Single’s Inferno 2

Praised for being as pretty as Suzy, the female model inSingle’s Inferno 2 has not had the opportunity to go to “paradise island”.

Recently, Single’s Inferno 2 has officially ended after 10 episodes. Among the 12 members participating in the new season, only Park Se Jeong – the girl who was praised as beautiful as actress Suzy, has never received a confession from the male members. She also did not win any of the individual challenges. That is also the reason why netizens call Se Jeong the most unlucky girl in season 2.

Park Se Jeong

According to the law, the program participants can only reveal their identities in real life when they arrive on the “paradise island”. Therefore, Park Se Jeong is seen as a “mystery girl” to the other members.

In the last episode, Single’s Inferno 2 suddenly broke the rules. That’s when the cast sat around the fire to talk about their careers. At that time, Park Se Jeong first revealed to new friends on the island, “I’m 26 years old, currently working as a commercial model for a company. I used to participate in ads for 2 famous brands. I do this job because I like clothes and photography, so this job came very naturally.” The audience believes that Single’s Inferno 2 does not want her to leave when the audience still does not know who she is.

Park Se Jeong
Park Se Jeong
Park Se Jeong is called Suzy-lookalike
singles inferno
The cast got excited when they finally knew the true identity of the “mystery girl”.
Park Se Jeong
Currently, Park Se Jeong belongs to YG Kplus – a famous Korean actress and model management company.

Although she could not find her lover in the dating program, Park Se Jeong is still one of the people who receive attention in Single Hell 2. Netizens expect her to find love in real life soon after leaving the hit dating show.

Source: K14

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