“When I’m outside, I think of mom wherever I go” The heartbreaking confession of a son that made “My Golden Kids” cast sob

The story of a son who isolated himself in his room after his mother’s sudden death was revealed on “My Golden Kids”.

The broadcast of Channel A’s “My Golden Kids” on January 13th featured the story of a middle school son, who is the top student in a gifted class but began to isolate himself after his mother’s death.

My Golden Kids

When asked for the reason he only stays in his room, the son said, “My room is the most comfortable place. It’s difficult to cope with unexpected things when you go outside. I feel safe doing what I always do in my room, so I only stay inside.”

The son continued, “When I’m outside, I look around and often think of my mom. I think of her whenever I go to places that I used to ask her to go with me”, and began to cry.

My Golden Kids

He confessed, “My mom was kind and she got angry sometimes. However, she was the person who led me on the right path. The presence of mom was too important to me. She took me to academies and hospitals, and I relied on her a lot”. As the boy confessed his innermost feelings, everyone in the studio also shed tears.

My Golden Kids

The son tearfully shared, “My dad is also kind and he takes good care of me even during hard times. I feel so sorry that I’ve always received love from him but never done anything for him”. 

Hearing the story, Jung Hyung Don said, “I’m sorry to say this to the family but I think they’ve ignored the fact that the accident was caused by drunk driving. Because of that reason, I don’t want to see the whole family be too sad and suffer pain. I hope they overcome this”, delivering his supportive message.

My Golden Kids

Viewers who watched the show responded, “Jung Hyung Don is right. A family has been ruined (by drunk driving)”, “Drunk driving…”, “The son has grown up to be a nice and smart kid. I hope he overcomes this pain”, etc.

Meanwhile, Channel A’s “My Golden Kids” airs every Friday at 8 p.m.

Source: Nate

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