Seo Ji Hye shares honest feelings about playing a villain, the end of “Red Balloon”, and more

Seo Ji Hye revealed her thoughts after wrapping up TV Chosun’s drama “Red Balloon”.

Seo Ji Hye recently had an interview with Wikitree and she shared several stories related to TV Chosun’s weekend drama “Red Balloon”.

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Seo Ji Hye said, “I didn’t feel viewers’ reaction well in the beginning, but around the time of the last filming, all the people who came to the filming said they were enjoying the drama. When I contacted my friends around me, I felt a little burdened.”

Regarding her impression of joining “Red Balloon”, he said, “There were works that were masterpieces, and during the meeting with the writer, I did not receive the script and read it, but I had to make a decision based on the character relationship and introduction. The writer told me, ‘Your character has various emotions from 0 to 100.’ That was the biggest selling point because it gave me the confidence to do it easily and sufficiently.”

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Seo Ji Hye added, “Actors don’t give many points for their own performance. There were a lot of things that I regretted, but compared to other works, I experienced various new emotions and thought about it, so it was new, interesting, and difficult while acting. I was stressed out by the difficulties, and I thought a lot about how to express them well. Of course, it was fun and enjoyable, but I had a lot of worries and concerns about myself. But I still don’t think I’m satisfied with my acting.”

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In “Red Balloon”, Seo Ji Hye plays the role of Jo Eun Gang, who has a simple and calm style on the outside but fierceness in her heart.

Jo Eun Gang, played by Seo Ji Hye, servilely puts everything down for her own sake. She is a character who endures the situation, focuses on winning the other person’s heart, and eventually succeeds in winning favor and achieving the desired goal.

Seo Ji Hye said, “She’s a character with a lot of opposite tendencies to me. So there were a lot of things that were difficult to understand, and made me think ‘ Does she have to go this far?’ There were parts that I couldn’t relate to.” 

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She continued with a laugh, “I felt like I was sinking while playing this character, so I purposely looked for cute puppy videos and tried to maintain the brightness of my daily life.”

Jo Eun Gang runs errands for his 20-year friend Han Bada (Hong Soo Hyun) and takes care of her family, but eventually expresses her desire in a twisted way due to the sense of damage and inferiority that eats her up inside. She seduces Han Bada’s husband, has an affair with him, and even secretly leaks Han Bada’s jewelry designs.

Seo Ji Hye explained Jo Eun Gang by saying, “I don’t define her as a good or bad woman.”

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She continued, “I think that somewhere deep in Eun Gang’s heart, depression, relative deprivation, desire, and jealousy coexist. It’s a matter of bringing it up on the surface or not. I wanted to describe the emotions hidden inside her, not just the confrontation between good and evil.”

When asked about her impressions of working with writer Moon Young Nam, Seo Ji Hye said, “At first, I heard that writer Moon is charismatic but scary, but when I talk to her in real life, she is considerate and affectionate toward the actors.”

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She added, “Writer Moon taught me a lot about emotions, and I felt like I was learning acting again.” She expressed her gratitude, saying, “In a way, writer Moon felt like my mother, as she helped me and consulted with me if there were things I didn’t know.”

“Just because I did a lot of works doesn’t mean that all of them did well, and there were some that did well and some that didn’t, but it’s fortunate that I acted consistently. Personally, I thought I was lucky. Still, I feel satisfied with myself,” Seo Ji Hye said candidly.

Source: Wikitree

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