2021 KBS Entertainment Awards: “Best Dressed” Han Sun-hwa vs. “Worst Dressed” Gabee

The year-end awards ceremony, which is a venue to wrap up the year, is always like a hot feast for stars to show off their fashion.     

At the end of the year, the audience can get a glimpse of the stars’ fashion embroidered with colorful dresses. The year-end awards ceremony season is like a hot feast for stars to show off their fashion. Amid the colorful and extraordinary looks that are hard to tell who shines more, we have gathered our choices of the best and worst dressed stars at the 2021 KBS Entertainment Awards.

2021 KBS Entertainment Awards: “Best Dressed” Han Sun-hwa vs. “Worst Dressed” Gabee

Thumbs up!

Han Sun-hwa_Han Sun-hwa presented a mermaid-style dress with a pure white bustier. The slender shoulder strap further emphasizes Han Sun-hwa’s slender body. The drop-shaped necklace draws attention and adds points to the simple dress, giving the dress a senseful emphasis. Han Sun-hwa has show us that even feminine and simple dresses can catch the audience’s eye.

Han Sun Hwa

It’s pretty!

Noze impressed us with a glamorous black dress that stands out as if she was a princess walking out of a fairy tale. Noze’s half-bundled hair, which is difficult for anyone to pull off, is a perfect match with the dress. The bold necklace seems a little excessive, but Noze’s splendid features stand out even more, which nerfed down the bold necklace. Noze’s visual wins over even the most colorful accessories.


Somehow a bummer…

Jang Do-yeon appeared in a white turtleneck top and leather dress which are in simple harmony. Jang Do-yeon stands out for her tall height and slim body, but her fashion was a little disappointing to call it an awards night dress. On the contrary, this fashion choice has a casual atmosphere enough to match Jang Do-yeon’s trademark short cut, and it’s undeniable that it is a look that goes well with her. Is “dressing up as if you are not dressing up” the trend these days?

Jang Do yeon

Who’s your stylist?

MAMAMOO Solar_Solar stood on the awards ceremony stage in a red dress. Solar’s power shoulder-shaped long sleeve dress can’t erase the awkward feeling somehow. Solar always shows a bold look in her usually hot outfit, but somehow she appeared with a neat look at the KBS’s Entertainment Awards this year. In fact, the dress worn by Solar is a backless dress. However, the closed front and long hair style only create a frustration atmosphere. The weird dress color only added more to the frustration.

Mamamoo Solar

Out of this world.

Gabee_Gebee’s dress surely will make you scream out “Oh My God!”. The rising parts on her shoulders that soared endlessly and the double bun style hair tied up in pigtails make it impossible to understand. If her purpose was to stand out the most on the awards stage, Gabee has perfectly achieved that goal. It is an outfit full of Gabee’s charm, but it is clear that this is a “too much” fashion choice which doesn’t suit the awards even very much.

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