Apink “The only thing that changes is the name of the company”

Apink members reassured fans by saying, “The only thing that changes is the name of the company.

On April 28th, Jung Eunji revealed handwritten letters written by Apink members on the fan communication platform Weverse.

In the letter, Jung Eunji said, “There may be fans who guessed to some extent, but isn’t change always accompanied by fear? So I wrote this letter with worries. Meeting the members and Panda (Apink’s fandom) made me feel confident. I’m sure that nothing will change if we bring our minds together. As we promised on stage, Apink will continue to be Apink. You know that we’re good at keeping promises, right? So don’t worry. There’s nothing to be upset about. I’m going to do a live broadcast with the members soon. Let’s talk more then.

Kim Namjoo emphasized that Apink will be maintained, “First of all, I want to tell you that Apink won’t change. As we shout out to you every day, I, Chorong, Bomi, Eunji and Hayoung will continue to be Apink and continue our promotions. The only thing that changes is the name of the company.

Park Chorong reassured fans, “I want to tell Panda who must have been surprised that we are still strong and you don’t have to worry. Don’t worry because we’ll try to meet you more. I can’t believe that I’m leaving the company where I spent my 20s, but I pondered about what would be the best fit for us. I hope you’ll cheer for our new challenge. I promise once again that Apink will continue to be with Panda through great performances.

Yoon Bomi confessed, “As I know how much you care about us every moment, I’m more worried because I think you must have been very surprised. Apink will still be here. I think Panda knows better that we want to spend more time together in the future. I’m a little scared to say goodbye to the company I’ve been with for 12 years and I still can’t believe it. I hope you’ll support us as we slowly adapt to a new place.

Oh Hayoung shared, “We thought that the articles’ contents might come as a surprise to fans, so we wrote letters like this. After thinking about how to keep and protect our precious members, team and fans for a longer time, we found a necessary and grateful place. We plan to show you more Apink-like music and activities, so please trust and watch Apink in the future.

Earlier on the same day, IST Entertainment announced, “After careful discussions with the members for a long time, Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung wrapped up their beautiful 12-year-long trip with the company in late April for new growth before Apink’s exclusive contract expires. We recently signed a new contract with Jung Eunji, and will continue our relationship. Regardless of the contract, Apink promised to maintain team activities without disbanding as all members have a firm will and affection for group activities. We plan to discuss Apink’s future activities, cooperation and work together so that they can protect the team.

The four Apink members who left the company signed an exclusive contract with Choi Creative Lab.

Source: Wikitree

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