KARA Honors the Late Goo Hara with Trophies at Her Memorial Hall

KARA brought their 15th-anniversary album, “Move Again,” and two trophies they recently received to Goo Hara’s memorial hall.

Last November, KARA released a special album called “Move Again” to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Particularly, KARA members, including Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Heo Youngji, as well as Nicole, who left the group in 2014, and Kang Jiyoung, reunited and promoted together again for the first time after years. The path they paved under the name KARA will be remembered in K-pop history.

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KARA also achieved great success during this special comeback. KARA showcased their dominance as a 15-year-old girl group by winning first place on KBS2’s “Music Bank” with the title track “WHEN I MOVE” and also received a special K-pop award at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards.

At the time of receiving the Seoul Music Award, Han Seungyeon mentioned Goo Hara in her speech, saying, “We have a friend who couldn’t be here, and we will receive this award on behalf of that friend.” 


KARA members paid tribute to the late Goo Hara with the trophies they recently achieved after a remarkable seven-year hiatus, showcasing their eternal friendship. They also presented a slogan created by fans, which read, “We will be together forever, even as time passes.

In the music video for “WHEN I MOVE,” KARA expressed their longing for Goo Hara. In the video, the five members sat around a table, leaving a seat that appeared to be Goo Hara’s. KARA expressed the fact that Goo Hara is still with them. Even in the last scene, with six standing microphones, they emphasized the meaning of KARA’s activities together, even without Goo Hara.

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Heo Youngji and Kang Jiyoung, who have become even closer through KARA’s latest activities, also touched fans’ hearts by visiting Goo Hara together on their 15th debut anniversary.

Source: Naver

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