“Dancing Queens on the Road” members talked about the stage, “There were times when I felt angry performing on the stage”

Singers Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, BoA and Hwasa shared their thoughts about performing on the stage.

The June 8th broadcast of “Dancing Queens on the Road” showed the members having a sincere conversation.


Kim Wan Sun recalled the past and shared, “I’ve never heard a compliment. I always thought I couldn’t do anything and never reached my most confidence”. Surprised by Kim Wan Sun’s confession, Hong Hyun Hee said, “I thought you guys always received praise during that era. That’s why you could perform such amazing stages.”

Kim Wan-sun revealed, “It’s not just about compliments, but I would get in trouble if I came out on the stage. If a person feels discouraged and when that feeling surpasses its level, anger arises.”


BoA agreed, saying “I understand how you feel very well. I want to receive compliments and experience a sense of accomplishment, but whenever the stage ends, I only criticize myself, thinking I did this wrong or that wrong. It lowers my self-esteem and I kept wondering, ‘Did I really perform that badly?’.”

BoA confessed, “The kids these days don’t even say things like, ‘Director, you were so awesome’, because they think it would burden me. I just need some simple comments, like ‘You were so cool. You were the best. I enjoyed the stage’, to feel that I’m living the life of a singer. But many people only treat me like we’re in a business. Even when I get off the stage, it seems to leave me with more emptiness and loneliness”, adding, “That’s why I came here and received a lot of healing from you guys. I’m no longer a director, but one of the youngest team members, right?”.


Hwasa shared, “There felt angry while performing many times. Right on the stage. I think there are certainly stairs that lead to the peak as I do music while embracing negativity”. Hearing that, Lee Hyo Ri asked, “What was the most negative moment you felt when performing?”.

Hwasa then complained, “It was during ‘Maria’ era. I always work hard on music and live with a good heart, but people judge me only based on my appearance. I never thought about the results or what others would say. I just release all my anger on the stage. I can’t solve the problems of people.”


BoA commented, “It’s true that no one can touch me when I’m on the stage. This time is mine. It’s like killing two birds with one stone”.

Lee Hyo Ri added, “The lyrics of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ was the ones that I wrote with the highest level of negativity. ‘Get lost’. ‘I’m going my way’. I can’t remember it well now but I had a lot of stress at that time. I released all my stress by saying anything, even mentioning the aliens.”

Source: Daum

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