Hwasa feels hurt when people judge her based on appearance + How she relieves stress

MAMAMOO member Hwasa talked about a hard time in her singing career.

The new episode of tvN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road”, which aired on June 8th, showed the members continuing their wandering journey to Yeosu and Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do.

On that day, Hwasa confessed, “There were many times when I got angry while performing on the stage”. She continued, “I think there are certainly stairs that lead to the peak as I do music while embracing negativity”.


Lee Hyo Ri asked, “What was the most negative moment you felt when performing?”. In response, Hwasa picked the promotion of her first solo album “Maria”.

She complained, “I always work hard on music and live with a good heart, but people judge me only based on my appearance. I felt deeply hurt by malicious comments at that time.”

Hwasa continued, “I never thought about the results or what others would say. I just release all my stress and anger on the stage”.

BoA sympathized with Hwasa. She then said, “No one can touch me when I’m on the stage. It’s like killing two birds with one stone because this time belongs to me. I reduce my stress, while the audience gets excited.”

Source: Daum

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