Thunder “People misunderstand I live comfortably with the money earned by my older sister Sandara Park”

First of all, rapper Thunder from boy group MBLAQ appeared. Thunder expressed his concern, “There are many times when I suffered great damage due to the ‘delay disease’. I often delayed appointments and even missed flights. After making a mistake in lyrics when appearing on ‘King of Mask Singer’, I kept making mistakes because of that memory.

Attack on Sisters

Due to his insincere attitude and procrastination habit, he was misunderstood that he was living comfortably with the money earned by his older sister Sandara Park (2NE1). However, Thunder confidently said, “I do a lot of research when it comes to music. I’ve never received any investment or help (from Sandara Park).” He expressed his ambition, “I want to show the true me that I’ve been putting off.” For Thunder, whose goal this year is to “build abs”, the sisters advised that he should have specific goals. Park Mi Sun recommended, “You should set goals in a leisurely manner and practice without delay.” She joked, “You can come to me anytime. I’ll slap you (when you want to delay).

Sandara Park

Source: Nate

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