Verivery’s Minchan apologized for judging a girl group member’s appearance

Verivery’s Minchan apologized after being embroiled in controversy over judging a girl group member’s appearance.

Verivery's Minchan

Minchan wrote on Verivery‘s official Twitter account on January 8th, “I sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with my words and actions on the VLIVE broadcast on January 6th.”

“I will become the Minchan who is careful in his words and actions and acts seriously in everything in the future,” he said, adding, “I will contact the celebrity in person and apologize for my actions and careless remarks, and I apologize once again.”

Earlier, Minchan had time to communicate with fans through Naver VLIVE on January 6th. In the process, Minchan said that a celebrity transferred to his school when he was in the third grade of middle school, adding, “My illusion was broken.” In addition, controversy arose as the idol evaluated the above-mentioned celebrity’s face, saying, “She was not even outstanding in appearance.” Currently, the video has been deleted.


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