“There was a fight in the back of the classroom but…” Dispatch verified the reports on Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy (Part ③)

Did Nam Joo-hyuk force anyone to spar for his own fun? What do 20 informants from Suil High School have to say, according to Dispatch?

Again, Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy. There is no evidence, only a statement. Already, the story of two anonymous informants has been told. Next, we will listen to the stories of 20 real-name informants.

nam joo hyuk scandal

List of Informants

Seo Seok-hoon (same class in 1st year), Lee OO (same class in 1st year), Shin OO (same class in 1st year), Park OO (same class in 2nd year), H (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), L (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), Shin XX (same class in 3rd year), S1 (same class in 3rd year), S2 (same class in 3rd year), S3 (same class in 3rd year), Kim OO (same class in 3rd year), Jo Boo-hyung (alumni), Lee OO (alumni), Park OO (alumni), Son OO (alumni), Y1 (alumni), Y2 (alumni), J (alumni), H (alumni), Park Tae-kyu (homeroom teacher in 1st year), Hong Seong-man (homeroom teacher in 3rd year)

③ Sparring

Nam Joo-hyuk

The anonymous informant B told S media, Nam Joo-hyuk and the crowd made a circle on one side of the classroom,” adding, “I had to fight against an unwanted opponent in it.”

L (classmate in 2nd and 3rd year) acknowledged the existence of such sparring and denied Nam Joo-hyuk’s participation. “It has nothing to do with Nam Joo-hyuk,” he said.

“Honestly, does it make sense to call it force sparring? Forcing someone to fight? I don’t remember anything like that. I did play with my friends at the back of the classroom. We even imitated WWE.” (L)

Nam Joo Hyuk

Alumni S1 and S2 asked back, “Are you talking about the wrestling?”

“The guys in Joo-hyuk’s class joked around by doing wrestling. In the back of their classroom, but Joo-hyuk wasn’t a part of it. I’ve never heard of Joo-hyuk sparring.” (S1·S2)

Y1 (Alumni) recalled a similar memory.

“The liberal arts class (Nam Joo-hyuk) and the science class were different. Sometimes when I went to the liberal arts class during recess, they played a lot of wrestling games behind the classroom. I don’t remember it as a coercive atmosphere, but as a jokingly fighting kind of game.” (Y1)

Nam Joo Hyuk

Kim OO (classmate in 2nd and 3rd year), recalled P (P reappears in the mobile phone payment case later.).

“I remember there was a fight in the back of the classroom between P and a friend nicknamed ‘Lindaman’ (because he’s 190cm tall). It happened because P continuously pick on Lindaman.” (Kim OO)

The story of fellow student H also coincided.

Nam Joo Hyuk

“When I went to Joo-hyuk’s class during the break, I sometimes played around with one or two people at the back of the classroom. I’ve seen P fight with Lindaman after he said, “You come out.” It had nothing to do with Nam Joo-hyuk thou.” (Alumni H)

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