“Joo-hyuk even bought breads for the other guys if they asked him to,” Dispatch verified the reports on Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy (Part ②)

Did Nam Joo-hyuk force the informant to be his bread shuttle? What do 20 informants from Suil High School have to say, according to Dispatch?

Again, Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy. There is no evidence, only a statement. Already, the story of two anonymous informants has been told. Next, we will listen to the stories of 20 real-name informants.

nam joo hyuk scandal

List of Informants

Seo Seok-hoon (same class in 1st year), Lee OO (same class in 1st year), Shin OO (same class in 1st year), Park OO (same class in 2nd year), H (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), L (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), Shin XX (same class in 3rd year), S1 (same class in 3rd year), S2 (same class in 3rd year), S3 (same class in 3rd year), Kim OO (same class in 3rd year), Jo Boo-hyung (alumni), Lee OO (alumni), Park OO (alumni), Son OO (alumni), Y1 (alumni), Y2 (alumni), J (alumni), H (alumni), Park Tae-kyu (homeroom teacher in 1st year), Hong Seong-man (homeroom teacher in 3rd year)

② Bread Shuttle

Nam Joo-hyuk

“Bread shuttle?”

The alumni of Suil High School asked again and again, “Is the bread shuttle story for real?”

H (classmate in 2nd and 3rd year) said firmly. (They actually used the word ‘firmly’)

I think I can firmly tell you that it’s a lie. I was so dumbfounded when I saw that report that I tried to write my comment directly on that community.” (H)


Shin XX (classmate in 3rd year) did a so-called “breadming out.” “I always went to the canteen snack bar with Joo-hyuk and bought bread with him,” they said. “Who did he order? It never happened. We bought it ourselves at the canteen and ate it,” they said with a silly smile.

L (classmate in 2nd and 3rd year) explained why they should, must, go to the snack bar themselves.

“We were divided into male and female classrooms. The canteen snack bar was the place where we see everyone. What if Joo-hyuk ordered a bread shuttle? I’m sure the other kids would have isolated him first because of the school atmosphere.” (L)

Nam Joo-hyuk

There was also an eyewitness account of fellow student J.

“Joo-hyuk likes to go to the cafeteria. We were in different classes, but we met often during breaks. Of course I wouldn’t be able to know everything. But if you order someone to be your bread shuttle? The rumors would be going around quickly and you are going to be an outcast at my school.” (J)

S1, who was in the same class as Nam Joo-hyuk in 3rd year, made this assumption.

Nam Joo Hyuk

“Isn’t this what the informants were talking about? Like asking someone to help buy him something, like ‘Can someone buy me something while you’re at the canteen?’. This is common. And even Joo-hyuk bought breads for the other guys because they asked him to, like that.” (S1)

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