“A student got bullied by the iljin continuously?” Dispatch verified the reports on Nam Joo-hyuk’s school violence controversy (Part ①)

Was Nam Joo-hyuk really a part of an iljin/bullies group? What do 20 informants from Suil High School have to say, according to Dispatch?

Again, Nam Joo-hyuk‘s school violence controversy. There is no evidence, only a statement. Already, the story of two anonymous informants has been told. Next, we will listen to the stories of 20 real-name informants.

nam joo hyuk scandal

List of Informants

Seo Seok-hoon (same class in 1st year), Lee OO (same class in 1st year), Shin OO (same class in 1st year), Park OO (same class in 2nd year), H (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), L (same class in 2nd and 3rd year), Shin XX (same class in 3rd year), S1 (same class in 3rd year), S2 (same class in 3rd year), S3 (same class in 3rd year), Kim OO (same class in 3rd year), Jo Boo-hyung (alumni), Lee OO (alumni), Park OO (alumni), Son OO (alumni), Y1 (alumni), Y2 (alumni), J (alumni), H (alumni), Park Tae-kyu (homeroom teacher in 1st year), Hong Seong-man (homeroom teacher in 3rd year)

① Iljin (Delinquent students squad)

“What if you’re called a bully because you hang out with your friends? Ha… Then it’s right to just survive school by yourself.”

Nam Joo-hyuk

Shin XX, Nam’s classmate in 3rd year, asked back, “How on earth should I go to school then? Isn’t that how mostly everyone does school?”

“Is it a problem to hang out with your friends? Students who are good at studying gather together, and those who like sports gather together. It’s simply playing with friends who have the same interest or mind. So did I, and so did Joohyuk.” (Shin XX)

S1 (classmate in 3rd year) and Shin OO (classmate in 1st year) said, “I’m very unfamiliar with the way the informants (who claimed to be bullied victims) described the atmosphere of Suil High School in 2012.” H and L, who spent the 2nd and 3rd years together with Nam in the same class, also said the same.

Nam Joo-hyuk

“My school had very heavy penalty at the time. It was very strict. There was almost no such thing as a team of ‘iljin’ (delinquent students) even. A student got bullied by them continuously? If the teachers have heard about that, it would have been big.” (H·L)

A fellow student, Y1, also agreed.

“There was no bully culture at our school. It was a school where everyone would treat you strangely if you tried to create such an atmosphere. It was to such an extent that (after seeing the revealing post of the first informant) my classmates are telling each other to step up and cooperate with the police investigation.” (Y1)

Seo Seok-hoon (same class in 1st year) and Jo Boo-hyung (alumni) speak up under their real name.

Nam Joo Hyuk

“That person is saying those thing because they really don’t know our school atmosphere at all. When someone hangout with a group of friends, other people might know if that group is a group of bullies or not. However, Nam Joo-hyuk didn’t hang out in that king of group.” (Seo Seok-hoon)

So, what kind of student was Nam Joo-hyuk?

“Joo-hyuk is not someone who would bully other people. He liked sports. Joo-hyuk laughed even when his friends teased him. It’s not wrong to say he has good personalities. That’s why friends all like him.” (Jo Boo-hyung)

“He used to go around and say ‘nonsense’ that he would become a model. All of his friends laughed at him. But he actually went to a modeling academy, liked basketball, and slept a lot. The teachers trusted Joo-hyuk. He did have a sense of justice in him… Haha.” (Lee OO)

Nam Joo Hyuk

Lee is Nam Joo-hyuk’s classmate in 1st year. He asked Dispatch to reveal only his last name. Regarding what Lee said about Nam’s sense of justice, teacher Park Tae-kyu (homeroom teacher in 1st year) added a story.

“Joo-hyuk was the type of student who said, ‘Guys, let’s be quiet’ whenever the class was being noisy. He was the type to mediate when someone fought, saying, “Let’s not fight.” I don’t know what kind of misunderstanding the informant had, but he’s not that kind of student.” (Teacher Park Tae-kyu)

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