Top 20 Best Idols of all time: BLACKPINK and TWICE’s controversial rankings, does BTS rank No.1?

Based on the list of songs that are considered “masterpieces” voted by MelOn, top idol groups such as BLACKPINK, BTS, SNSD, TWICE… have fiercely competed for the title of the all-time best idol.

On August 27, MelOn released a list of Top 100 K-pop masterpieces of all time. To determine this result, MelOn asked 35 music critics and industry experts to name their picks, and compiled a list based on all their answers. The final result includes many hits of popular Kpop idols such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE, SNSD

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Popular groups such as TWICE, BTS, BLACKPINK all have their hit songs listed in the top 100 picked by MelOn

However, according to The Seoul Shinmun’s YouTube channel, the list has some biases. The more mixed reactions a song gets, the lower the song’s ranking.  Therefore, to compensate for this bias, The Seoul Shinmun has compiled a ranking of artists based on the number and digital score of songs listed by MelOn.

5. IU

iu vogue

4. BoA

SM’s female idol is a veteran singer in Kpop

3. SHINee

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SHINee proves their popular by ranking at 3rd place


SNSD 89237913719

1. BTS

bts 02987628998765

The remaining Kpop acts in the top 20:


 7. Wonder Girls

 8. 2NE1

 9. f(x)

 10. Red Velvet

 11. EXO


 13. Seo Taiji & Boys

 14. H.O.T.

 15. TVXQ

 16. Lee Hyori

 17. S.E.S

 18. TWICE

 19. PSY

 20. KARA

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