“Miserable and painful,” school violence victims of Park Hye-soo expressed their feelings after she claimed to be innocent

Those who claim damage from recent remarks of actress Park Hye-soo, who is under suspicion of school violence, expressed their anger.

According to Sports World on Oct 14th, the victims, who claimed to have been assaulted at school by actor Park Hye-soo, expressed their anger, saying, “I am so angry at Park Hye-soo’s confident attitude,” and “We are furious at her attitude that shows no reflection on herself until the end.”

Park Hye-soo

They strongly protested Park Hye-soo’s position at the launching event for the movie “You and I” held at the standard inspection room of the Film Promotion Committee in Haeundae-gu, Busan on Oct 9th. On this day, Park Hye-soo claimed innocence, saying, “We are trying our best to solve the situation while facing it,” adding, “If you wait a little longer, when everything is organized, we will create the opportunity to tell you in more detail.”

Park Hye-soo

Victim A said, “As expected, she remains like that until the end. If she was going to apologize, she should have done it earlier. You can’t hide the truth. It is true and certain that Park Hye-soo bullied the kids at school,” they said, stressing the fact that they were a school violence victim. A said, “Other victims who are living their lives are also very frustrated after hearing that from her. Is it really the right thing to say it like that? I really want to ask her. What I want is an official apology to each victim. Is it that hard?” they said, expressing their frustration.

Park Hye-soo

In addition, victim B said, “I was really miserable and heartbroken. It’s not confidence, it’s shamelessness. I’m speechless. Many seniors and juniors are watching you,” they said, expressing their disastrous feelings. Currently, they are said to have secured some juniors at school who will help them if they need further testimony about the previous revelation.

At the time of the revelation of Park Hye-soo’s school violence, her agency said, “Park Hye-soo’s school violence allegations are clearly false.” Park Hye-soo also refuted, “It hurts me to see people who flipped my lunch tray and cursed at me every time we crossed ways acting as the victims now.”

Source: wikitree

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