EIDER releases new “Airborne Down Series” TVCF with models Park Bo-gum and Jang Won-young

EIDER unveiled the TVCF of its new ‘Airborne Down Series’ for this winter modeled by Park Bo-gum and Jang Won-young.

The CF video, which features balloons reminiscent of lightness and the sun giving off warmness, shows the excellent lightness and warmth of Airborne Down jackets. 

Moving freely and dynamically with no worries about the cold even in snowy weather, Park Bo-gum and Jang Won-young expressed “lightness”, “comfortable feeling”, and “warmness” features of the new products.

Park Bo-gum Jang Won-young

In particular, Park Bo-gum did confident poses every moment and emphasized the sensuous design of Airborne Down jackets. Meanwhile, Jang Won-young proved the jacket’s lightness and how it is efficient for active activities through free poses as if she was flying.

Following the Cordura Collection TVCF, which was revealed last month, the additional symbol (+) appeared, drawing attention. The stage where the two models stand is a + sign with flying feathers to emphasize their presence. Like the narration, which says lightness and style are added to warmness, this season’s “Airborne Down Series” raised the curiosity of prospective customers.

The “Airborne Down Jacket”, which features a sensuous design like it is shown in the video, has a light fit with high-quality lightweight materials, making customers feel as if they can float in the sky. Using goose filler with ‘Responsible Down Standard’ certification, the new jacket production will provide excellent warmth to customers.

Park Bo-gum Jang Won-young

The jacket has a puffer style with a distinctive shape, creating a cozy feeling from its visual. In addition, a new high-quality glossy silhouette is completed by applying fine-denier materials.

The ‘Airborne Igloo Down’ jacket worn by Park Bo-gum is a heavy-down version in the Airborne Down Series. The all-in-one oversized hood and high-neck design provide stylishness as well as excellent warmth. 

The ‘‘Airborne Polar’ jacket worn by Jang Won-young is a short pooper style with a high volume. Among women’s products, you find this jacket design in three colors: pastel yellow (in the video), light gray, and carbon.

Park Bo-gum Jang Won-young

A Marketing Team representative said, “This winter, a new level of down jackets, which are completed with exotic materials and sophisticated designs, will be introduced to consumers who are looking for outerwear that is as warm as the ‘sun’ and as light as ‘balloons’”, adding “Like Park Bo-gum and Jang Won-young in the advertisement, we hope you enjoy a light and warm winter with EIDER’s ‘Airborne Down Series’, which provides freedom for you to be active without worrying about the cold”.

Source: insight

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