Ji Seok-jin made controversial remarks by Oh Na-ra is prettier than Lee Mi-joo

Ji Seok-jin criticized Lee Mi-joo’s appearance.

On tvN’s “Sixth Sense 3,” which aired on April 1, Ji Seok-jin, Lee El, and Song Jae-rim appeared as cast members. The broadcast was conducted under the theme of “The Science of Sleep for Those Who Can’t Sleep.”

Lee mi joo ji suk jin

The cast members visited a studio that day. There was a person who claimed to be a “customized sleeping music composer.” He said, “I’m the head of a company, athlete, announcer, and even chef. I’ve treated most of my patients’ sleeping problems.” He was pianist Yoon Han.

Lee mi joo ji suk jin

Lee Mi-joo and Oh Na-ra looked around the studio before Yoon Han appeared and then  played side by side in front of the keyboard. Ji Seok-jin, who was looking at the two at the time, said, “Na-ra is definitely prettier than Mi-joo.” In response, Lee Mi-joo snorted to the fullest and criticized, “Ji Seok-jin is the worst here.

Nevertheless, Ji Seok-jin said, “I can make a clear comparison because the two of you are here,” and Lee Mi-joo became angry, saying, “So what?

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