JYP rookie NMIXX makes a cover of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”, can they receive good reactions?

JYP’s rookies – NMIXX continued to show off their amazing vocal skills when covering BLACKPINK’s hit song.

On the afternoon of April 1, the girls of group NMIXX once again proved their impressive vocal ability by singing with a band.  Notably, the JYP girl group was extremely reckless when trying out the song “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s songs always make it difficult for other idols to make a cover because the 4 girls’ unique voices have created a brand for each song.  However, the girls of NMIXX have made fans admire and surprised by their vocals. 

NMIXX has made fans admire and amazed 

NMIXX has brought a new version of “Kill This Love“.  The melody is slower, the emphasis is also somewhat different from the original song.  Each member performed their part perfectly.  Even the high notes can’t make it difficult for the NMIXX girls. Many say that this is the best cover of this song ever.

NMIXX has brought a new version of Kill This Love

NMIXX’s cover immediately received many compliments from Kpop fans.  Since their debut, the girls of the JYP girl group have always been appreciated for their talents:

  • NMIXX is so talented. Beautiful visuals, good vocal skills, amazing dancing skills. I’m really looking forward to their new song.
  • As a fan of BLACKPINK, I find this cover very impressive. They hit the high notes really well
  • Everything is perfect, this is probably the best cover of a BLACKPINK song ever. NMIXX is so talented!
  • Why can Sullyoon sing so well while being so pretty?
  • Exceeded my expectations, I didn’t think NMIXX could sing a song by BLACKPINK so well.
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