Dispatch chooses 9 Kpop female idols with the most perfect body: BLACKPINK Lisa’s ranking is surprising

Jennie – Lisa (BLACKPINK), Joy (Red Velvet), Naeun (Apink)… have long been famous as idols with outstanding bodies on stage as well as in real life.

In order to become famous idols, besides talent, appearance is also a very important factor.  Especially for female idols, besides beautiful faces, they also have to work hard to get the best body shape when appearing in public.

Recently, Dispatch has selected a list of 9 female idols with the most perfect body in Kpop.  Famous female idols all appear, especially BLACKPINK and TWICE have 2 members on the list.  However, the name that topped the chart surprised netizens.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

jennie blackpink 298398298928028404
Jennie won 1st place, surpassing even the top Kpop beauties. The female idol has always been known for her flawless and toned body even though she is only 1m63 tall. Possessing a balanced body proportion, especially a slim waist, a huge bust is the factor that makes the female idol always become a hot topic on forums in Korea.
jennie blackpink 2490894080280480842
Jennie’s body always appears to be healthy and vibrant, defying the stereotype that is prevalent in Korea.
jennie blackpink 28489747892949942
The outstanding body proportions with attractive shoulders, especially the full chest of BLACKPINK’s rapper, make many female fans admire. Maybe this is the reason why Jennie surpassed Lisa when it comes to the overall body

2. Joy (Red Velvet)

joy red velvet i2989489289048094
Famous as one of the most successful weight loss idols in the Korean entertainment industry, Joy is the member with the best body in Red Velvet. Just like Jennie, Joy doesn’t follow the standard. She is attractive because of the ratio of 3 sexy curves, the ideal height of 1m68, and long legs
joy red velvet 290489082940828409
Many fans have called Joy the “sexy queen” of the new generation of Kpop. This is considered one of the legendary images of the Korean entertainment industry. Joy ranked 2nd in this chart
joy red velvet 247874979297

3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

tzuyu twice 298498929749
Since her debut, the Taiwanese female idol has owned a large number of fans because of her perfect appearance, from her face to her body, which is highly appreciated by netizens.

4. Luda (WJSN)

luda wjisn 893898208320
Luda has a height of only 1m57.5, but her body is extremely beautiful. Her leg proportions are unbelievably perfect. Luda suddenly rose to the top 4
luda wjisn 928084829024808249
Looking at this picture, everyone thinks Luda must be at least 1m65
luda wjisn 298498480280

5. Naeun (Apink)

naeun apink 1893898139819
Naeun’s title of “Korean leggings goddess” is not natural. The Apink member is always praised by netizens for her attractive body. She ranked 5th in the chart chosen by Dispatch
naeun apink 39814784808
Son Naeun’s attractive hourglass figure is always considered the standard for female Kpop idols
naeun apink 8320984082098490

6. YooA (Oh My Girl)

yooa oh my girl 198739872497924
YooA is famous for having perfect body proportions. Because of her long legs, the public often thinks she is about 1m70 tall, but in fact, the female idol’s height is only 1m61.
yooa oh my girl 29489249879847
YooA is called a “real-life doll” by netizens, with a standard body and a beautiful face


lisa blackpink 193810983981038
Lisa (BLACKPINK) is only ranked 7th on this list, which is quite confusing if fans have not seen the entire list.
lisa blackpink 183980928490284082
Lisa has an ideal height of 1m67, a record small waist, super long legs with perfect slimness, so she easily stands out on every stage.
lisa blackpink 39819484892

8. Mijoo (Lovelyz)

mijoo lovelyz 7297498474972
Not only is the most beautiful member of Lovelyz, Mijoo also has a perfect body. Many times she attracted attention just because of her sexy curves.
mijoo lovelyz 2478249249
Mijoo also has an ideal height of 1m66 and long legs, she ranks 8th on this list.
mijoo lovelyz 92879727982984

9. Sana

sana twice 093801803810
Not inferior to Tzuyu, Sana is also on the list. The female idol has the largest number of fans in the group because of her beautiful face and sexy body
sana twice 380184038024
Perfect body makes the Japanese member always confidently shine on stage
sana twice 2849082094808

Source: K14

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