The Korean government verified the issue related to Jennie accusation of violating quarantine rules

BLACKPINK’s Jennie was accused of violating quarantine rules. However, this turned out to be a false accusation.

On April 14, Jennie posted several photos on her Instagram after visiting an arboretum located in Paju City. In the photo, Jennie is posing with a group of people.

Netizens pointed out that Jennie and her companions were not wearing masks in some of the photos. Several photos featured the group holding ice cream. The total number of ice creams amounted to 7, which caused speculation Jennie had violated South Korea’s current ban on private gatherings of five or more people.

A government from Paju City Hall initiated an investigation. They told OSEN on the 23rd that “They has concluded that Jennie’s visit to the arboretum was not a violation of the quarantine rules.

Paju City explained that they had confirmed the application from the company to the arboretum before filming. They also decided that it was not a private meeting.

According to the current quarantine rule for social distancing in the Seoul metropolitan area, broadcasting activities are classified as working and are excluded from the ban on private meetings. 

However, when it comes to YouTube filming, the standard is ambiguous and leads to many arguments. Earlier, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said:. “Because YouTube is not a broadcasting stipulated by the Broadcasting Act, Newspaper Act, News Communication Act, etc. It is not subject to the exception of the ban on private gatherings”. However, they added that individual judgments are required depending on the situation.

The exception to the ban on private gatherings with more than 5 people when filming for YouTube is considered as a business only if the unit whose YouTube broadcasting has been registered as a business and is organized on a certain location. It is essential to make an individual judgment on each case whether it is only a private activity that individuals do as part of their hobbies. Therefore, local governments need to carry out detailed inquiries.

the Seoul Metropolitan Government

According to this, filming of video content by celebrities is an exception. However, the standard is ambiguous and controversy continues. Netizens are asking for clear standards about this. 

Source: Nate

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