A famous Colombian artist almost collaborated with BLACKPINK, but things fell through

BLACKPINK and this famous female singer almost had a shared music project. 

As one of the most famous Kpop girl groups of the moment, BLACKPINK, despite their almost 2 years of absence, is still often mentioned whenever topics of collaboration come up. So far, the group has worked together with a huge lineup of top stars, from Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, to Cardi B. And the Colombian singer Karol G almost made the list. 

Due to their massive international fame, BLACKPINK has collaborated with many top US-UK artists. 

In particular, in a recent interview with MTV, Karol G revealed that she almost got to work with BLACKPINK, but things sadly fell through. To this day, the missed opportunity still left the singer with a lot of regrets. 


Moreover, when asked about the artist she most wanted to collab with, Karol G immediately answered BLACKPINK’s Lisa. She also added that “How You Like That” is among her favorite songs, and talked about the time BLACKPINK almost came to her studio.

Karol G shared that she dearly wished to work with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. 

In 2020, Karol G produced a brand new remix for “Tusa”, a song she performed alongside the famous rapper Nicki Minaj. At the time, the artist wanted BLACKPINK to record for this version, and even planned to send the song to Korea and asked for a collaboration. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted this invitation, and Karol G’s wish could not come true. 

The singer shared about her missed collab with BLACKPINK.

Speaking with MTV, Karol G said: “We couldn’t record because of Covid. We spoke, but that would’ve been like the remix of the life.” So, while “Tusa” by BLACKPINK and Karol G couldn’t happen, perhaps there would be further opportunities in the future. 

Karol G

Karol G is a Columbian singer famous for tracks with Latin influences. Throughout her career, the female artist has earned numerous nominations and even won the Latin Grammy Awards. “Tusa”, which featured Nicki Minaj, is among Karol G’s most popular song, and BLACKPINK almost had their own version. 

Karol G (right) and Nicki Minaj in the “Tusa” MV. 

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