Shocking identity of influencer who had physical contact with IU without permission was revealed

Famous Taiwanese influencer Molly Chiang apologized to singer IU for making physical contact without permission.

According to the video which was uploaded on the official account of the fashion magazine Vogue Taiwan and is now deleted, Molly, who was invited to Gucci’s “2024 Cruise Fashion Show” at Geunjeongjeon Hall, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jongno-gu, Seoul on May 16th, grabbed IU’s wrist while the singer-actress was passing by with a bodyguard. The bodyguard stepped up as IU panicked, and only then did Molly let go of IU’s wrist.


IU’s fans who saw this scene criticized Molly’s behavior. Molly eventually apologized, saying, “My behavior offended you.

As criticism from fans did not cool down despite Molly’s apology, Molly posted an additional long apology on SNS.

Molly said, “I deeply apologize for reaching out or having physical contact with a celebrity who doesn’t know me.”

The influencer continued, “In the meantime, when taking pictures with celebrities, I politely asked for consent from them or their managers. If the managers refused or the artists didn’t want to, I never forced them. I’ll be more careful and polite in the future.”

Molly added, “Through this incident, I’ll not only reflect on my behavior but also review the contents of my social media operations.”

Source: Wikitree

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