Is Tzuyu being mistreated by JYP?

Taiwanese female idol Tzuyu, a member of the girl group Twice, is one of the young popular idols of K-Pop’s 3rd generation. She has a nice voice, pretty face, ideal body, good skills and always performs well on stage. With her influence and the ability to attract fans, Tzuyu has always been the member that boosts the popularity of JYP‘s group.


However, in recent comebacks, fans are extremely upset because this talented and pretty member is being mistreated by the company. She only gets to sing for just over 11 seconds in the title song “I Can’t Stop Me”, which is almost the least among 9 members. In the song “Cry For Me”, she could only sing for more than 8 seconds.  Moreover, Tzuyu is always pushed to the back so she couldn’t stand out in the choreography even though she is considered one of the best dancers in Twice.  Therefore, fans strongly believe that Tzuyu is being mistreated by JYP and are trending the hashtag #Tzuyudeservesbetter on social media.


Not only does JYP give Tzuyu the least singing parts and unfavorable position in the choreography, but the company also doesn’t properly take care of the female idol’s looks and outfits. She has been “loyal” to her long loose hair at many events, making her image become repetitive and boring. Most recently, the stylists chose for Tzuyu a hairstyle that didn’t match her middle-parted hair, not to mention a too heavy makeup look that made her look older.


She even had to wear the same outfit that Jeong Yeon used to wear before on the stage of “The Fact Music Awards”, even though the styling was modified into a crop top. In many events, the stylists have made Tzuyu wear uncomfortable, “cheesy” outfits or inappropriate black dresses for her age when she inherently has an innocent and soft visual. 


Although she has an impressive height of 1m72 and an ideal body figure, Tzuyu still cannot stand out among Twice members due to having to wear low-heeled shoes given by the stylists. The low-heeled shoes also make Tzuyu look less “classy” compared to other members with “chic” high heels.


While Tzuyu is not favored by the stylists, other members like Nayeon seem to be more “biased”. For example, in Twice’s latest MV, Nayeon – who often sings the opening of Twice’s songs – is placed in the center position, Tzuyu’s original position of Tzuyu when Twice needed to appeal to the public before. Meanwhile, Tzuyu stood in the back.

However, in her casual appearances in public – occasions when Tzuyu is free to choose her outfits, Tzuyu often appears looking tired, casually dressed, and not wearing much makeup. Her fashion sense is not highly appreciated even though she used to be recognized as one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world.



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