Fans are getting mad because BlackPink only had…6 songs in total though they debuted almost 3 years ago

Despite having high quality music products, BlackPink’s total songs are too few while they have been working for almost (according to the Korean age calculator).

BlackPink is the newest girl group of YG Entertainment. 2NE1’s disbandment left a huge empty place in YG-lovers’ hearts. However, YG was very wise when they let BlackPink debut on the Kpop battle stage.

YG, ikon, winner kpop, blackpink, akmu, lee hi, 2017
Black Pink used to called “Monster Rookie” in 2016

BlackPink quickly became famous thanks to their experienced skills as 4 girls were appreciated as talented newbies when they debuted. According to the Korean age calculator, BlackPink is almost 3 years old now but they own too few songs.

YG, ikon, winner kpop, blackpink, akmu, lee hi, 2017
Lately, there are some rumors saying that YG will soon release a new boy group as well as a new girl girl group, which makes netizens a bit worried

Despite their talents, up to now, BlackPink only published 5 official digital songs which are “Boombayah”, “Whistle”, “Playing With Fire”, “Stay”, “As If It’s Your Last”. If the acoustic version of “Whistle” is added to the list, the total songs of BlackPink is up to 6.

blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi ,As If It's Your Last, 2017
“As If It’s Your Last” is the only music product of BlackPink to be released in this year.

While other girl groups continuously came back and released mini & full albums, BlackPink did not. They even don’t know when they will have a comeback. BlackPink also has never published any music hard copies for their fans to buy, except for digital versions on music websites.

Many audiences think that this is the saving plan of YG Entertainment, which means that they focus on quality, not quantity to increase the reputation of BlackPink. However, their fans are really upset because they are not able to see their idols on the stage regularly and they have to listen to 6 songs all over again.

Their concerns are totally understandable because YG let BlackPink work hard in Japan and this might be another mistake which is same as iKON’s before. BlackPink is more and more successful but it’s too soon now to say anything about their future.

Netizens said that, BlackPink didn’t have many opportunities to bring into play all of their talents. Here are some comments which received lots of votes on Thequoo:

-They.. don’t have physical albums..??
-What is YG doing with these girls..ㅋㅋㅋ I would’ve believed it if someone told me that they still haven’t officially debuted yet..ㅋㅋㅋ
-What kind of a company lets their rookie girl group only release one song in the span of a year?? The only song they released this year is As If It Was Your Last..

Besides that, some others think that according to their actual working time, 4 girls only debuted 1 year and 4 months ago. Therefore, it’s not very necessary for them to publish a lot of songs.

What do you think about this?

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