Korean netizens looking for the most successful Kpop girl group that is not in Big 3: No one in Gen 3 deserves to be called like gen 2?

In your opinion, among the non-Big 3 girl groups (SM, JYP, YG), which is the most influential girl group in Kpop during the past time?

When it comes to Kpop’s most successful girl groups, many people will immediately think of the representatives from the BIG3 (SM, JYP, YG). Whether it’s the 2nd generation with SNSD, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls, or the 3rd generation with BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet – the 3 big entertainment companies still have an undeniable strong influence.

However, there are still Kpop girl groups that are not from the BIG 3 but can still succeed on their own and even help their company become famous. So, among the successful girl groups from small and medium agencies, which girl group has the most influence?

Gen 2 Idols

Recently on a Korean online forum, a Knet drew attention when posting an article that raised the question: ‘among the successful girl groups from small and medium agencies, which girl group has the most influence?’ In the post, several girl groups have been listed for everyone to choose (random order).


Gen 2 Idols


Gen 2 Idols


Gen 2 Idols


Gen 2 Idols

Oh My Girl

Gen 2 Idols


Gen 2 Idols

Brave Girls

Gen 2 Idols

In the comments section, the two most-mentioned groups were T-ara and SISTAR. Many people claimed that although these two groups come from mid-range companies and small companies, they have achieved great success, even comparable to the BIG 3 girl groups.

However, compared to gen 2, Knet thinks that gen 3 still doesn’t really have a worthy representative or has achievements that can compete with Big 3 girl groups. The most mentioned representative of some Knets is MAMAMOO, However, there are also people who think that MAMAMOO is not popular enough to be called against the Big 3 representatives like SISTAR, T-ara in the past.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • Isn’t it T-ara? They used to get Daesang, right?
  • I think of T-araㅋㅋㅋ Roly Poly.
  • GFriend and Mamamoo
  • For the 3rd generation, it’s Mamamoo; I’m not sure about the other generations
  • Sistar and T-ara
  • 2nd generation is T-ara, 3rd generation is Mamamoo
  • I think it’s Sistar
  • Sistar really reminds me of summer
  • Sistar, T-ara… But in terms of company size, it’s GFriend…
  • Where is Girl’s Day?


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