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“Omniscient Interfering View” recorded high ratings and topped the chart of programs in the same time slot with aespa episode

The passion and unexpected charm of aespa and Jang Hyuk helped “Omniscient Interfering View” achieved an amazing rating performance.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 207th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View”, which aired on July 9th, topped the list of entertainment programs of the same broadcasting time by recording a nationwide rating of 4.0% and 4.4% in the Seoul area. Its highest real-time viewer rating (per minute) soared to 5.9%. In addition, the program reached 2.4% in the 2049 rating chart, ranking 1st among all programs aired in the same slot.

The broadcast on that day introduced Jang Hyuk’s passionate daily life and aespa’s comeback preparation. 

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

aespa members were seen heading to the convenience store as soon as they arrived at Han River Park. The girls presented an eating show after buying different kinds of food, from ramen to hot bar. aespa then made a video call with SM’s producer Lee Soo-man to celebrate “Soo-man’s Day” and sang a birthday song to him. 

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

In particular, producer Lee Soo-man gave his cheer to aespa members, who were preparing for their new album. He added, “Tell Jeon Hyun-moo uncle ‘Do a good job’ for me”. Giselle made everyone laugh so hard as she misheard Jeon Hyun-moo as ‘Jeo-nyeok-moo (dinner radish)’. Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Please make a meme so that I can upload it on my SNS”, suggesting the idea of editing his face into a photo of radish.

The dormitory where aespa and their manager Lee Seung-hee are staying together was also revealed for the first time. The neat and friendly interior as well as the open closet used by all members caught the eyes of the viewers. The members, who had borrowed each other’s clothes since they were trainees, naturally wear them together now. In addition, Winter suddenly hiccupped while assembling legos with Giselle during their break time in the dorm. The manager then said, “If you say ‘the frog is drinking water’ then drink water, your hiccups will stop”, passing on a secret to the girls. Following the manager’s guide, Winter said “Frog is drinking water” in English then drank a cup of water, and her hiccups really stopped.

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

aespa then invited the viewers to the filming set of the performance video for their new song “Girls”, which was released on July 8th. After getting their makeup done, aespa members showed off their beagle-like appearance by holding a sundae and fish cake eating show in the car on their way to the filming set. The members then created a pleasant atmosphere by starting the “If Game”, which they often play, and asked each other witty questions. In particular, Karina presented the situation of ‘Not being able to eat for 3 days in a row while doing schedule but you’ll be awarded the grand prize VS Receiving money and going on vacation for 3 months’ to the panelist.

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

Arriving at the filming set, aespa drew attention by showing a perfect combination of intense upbeat music and powerful performance. After watching aespa’s new song, the panelists immediately challenged the point choreography. Song Ga-in heated up the atmosphere at the studio by performing the trot version of “Girls” chorus part.

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

On the other hand, Jang Hyuk, who had been carrying out his schedule with an empty stomach since early in the morning, began reading the script of “Bloody Heart” with his manager Jeon Seung-bin in the car on their way to the action school. Jang Hyuk instantly led the atmosphere and immersed himself in the script as if he was in a real filming section. He also praised the manager’s acting skills, saying “Your acting skills have improved a lot”, creating a warm atmosphere.

Arriving at the action school, Jang Hyuk and the action team began to match his acting with the action team for the scenes to be shown at the U.S Premiere of “The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die”. The actor came up with an action design at once and presented an impressive action scene using fans, drawing admiration. The manager was amazed by the action scene with fans that he saw for the first time and helped Jang Hyuk create high-quality actions through monitoring.

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

Jang Hyuk said, “I’ve done a lot of action scenes, but I always feel scared while doing them. How can we know what accident might happen in such situations? My will is really important”, expressing his belief in action acting. When the martial arts director said, “You should be careful by now”, Jang Hyuk responded, “I’m not going to do action anymore. It’s gonna be my last time then I’ll change to melo acting”, in a cute way, drawing laughter.

As such, “Omniscient Interfering View” captured the passionate appearances and real daily life moments of actor Jang Hyuk and girl group aespa and delivered exciting scenes full of pleasant and warm impressions to the small screen viewers. 

aespa Omniscient Interfering View

Meanwhile, the teaser for next week’s episode heralds a surprise meeting between Hong Hyun-hee – Jasson, who visited Jeju Island for a photoshoot, with Lee Hyo-ri – Lee Sang-soon. In addition, creator Lee Chang-ho will also reveal his daily life.

Source: Daum

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