Verivery’s Minchan got criticized for judging a girl group senior’s appearance

Verivery’s Minchan made remarks that seemed to be evaluating a girl group’s appearance, which became controversial.

Recently, Verivery members Minchan, Hoyoung and Kangmin spent time communicating with their fans through a VLIVE broadcast.

Verivery Minchan

On this day, Minchan recalled his middle school days. He opened up, “A celebrity transferred to my school.” Minchan continued, “Back then, if you wrote her group’s name on Naver, they would pop out. But it’s not like they had an album or songs out. They had a group name and she was one of the members of the group.”

Verivery Minchan

However, Minchan said that his fantasy about celebrities was broken. He added, “For me back then, if you were a celebrity, it meant that you were pretty or handsome, like someone from another world. But somehow she looked very familiar.” The male idol shared, “Our friends at school don’t really put on makeup, right? That friend didn’t have outstanding looks or anything.”

Verivery Minchan

Hoyoung, who seemed bothered, repeatedly referred to the female celebrity Minchan mentioned as “senior” and told Minchan, “Why are you talking about that out-there story?” Nevertheless, when Minchan said, “It’s just my personal opinion”, Kangmin countered, “Your memory may be wrong. She may be really pretty now.”

Netizens who watched the video responded, “It wasn’t something to say on the broadcast”, “The members even noticed it”… The video has been deleted as to whether the agency was aware of the problem.

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