“Soundtrack #1” Han So-hee, how can she be such a lovely female friend?

“Soundtrack #1” Han So-hee emits the charm of a lovely female friend.

Disney+’s original series Soundtrack #1 (written by Ahn Sae-bom/directed by Kim Hee-won/produced by Red Nine Pictures, Jenadoo Entertainment/Planning NHN Bugs), which will be released on March 23rd, is a musical romantic series that where two people who are 20-year best friends stay in one house for two weeks gets to know each other’s feelings. This story of an exciting explosion between love and friendship drawn by global hot stars Park Hyung-sik (playing Han Sun-woo) and Han So-hee (playing Lee Eun-soo) is also drawing keen attention.

Han So-hee Soundtrack #1

Han So-hee became the hottest actress in 2022 by showing an irreplaceable presence in many works such as The World of the Married,” “My Name,” and Nevertheless.” She took on a character that she had never shown before in “Soundtrack #1”, heralding a transformation in her acting.

Meanwhile, on March 9th, the production team of “Soundtrack #1” released a female friend still cut that offers a glimpse of Han So-hee‘s cheerful and lovely charm, drawing attention. Han So-hee in the photo brightens her surroundings with her bright smile. In particular, she was affectionately looking at Park Hyung-sik, her 20-year-old male friend in the series, drawing more attention. Such a “female friend” like Han So-hee in this photo might even be able to capture the hearts of many female audiences as well.

Han So-hee Soundtrack #1

At the same time, Han So-hee‘s dazzling visual, which shines even more in the “romance” genre, is also admirable. Fans wonder how much Han So-hee‘s lovely smile will shine in the upcoming series.

Han So-hee Soundtrack #1

In this regard, the production team of “Soundtrack #1” said, “Han So-hee lovingly captured the cheerful and honest Lee Eun-soo character with her impressive acting. In addition, she always took care of actors and staff who appeared together in her scenes, and played a great role as the vitamin energizer at the filming site. We ask for your interest and expectation in ‘Soundtrack #1’ where you can see a friendly and lovely Han So-hee.”

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