Han Hyo Joo, Joo Ji Hoon, and writer Lee So Yeon to collaborate in new K-drama “Dominant Species”

Famous actress Han Hyo Joo and actor Joo Ji Hoon will be co-star in a K-drama penned by the screenwriter of “Stranger”.

According to a broadcasting official on August 11th, Han Hyo Joo recently decided to appear in. Upcoming K-drama “Dominant Species” and is coordinating her schedule. 

han hyo joo

“Dominant Species” is a new work by screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon, who is behind the successful investigation series “Stranger”. The new K-drama will depict a world filled with superior genes and viruses, where food is consumed in the form of pills, and is produced by Ace Factory.

Previously, talented actor Joo Ji Hoon was also confirmed as part of the cast. Now, he and Han Hyo Joo are expected to deliver intense chemistry and brilliant acting performances.

joo ji hoon

This is Han Hyo Joo’s first collaboration with screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon, who is known for her ability to craft meticulous worlds, probabilities, and deep social insights, as shown through previous projects like “Stranger” 1 and 2, “Life”, and most recently, Disney+’s “Grid”.

“Dominant Species” is scheduled to start filming in October and is currention in discussions with a global OTT platform.

Source: Daum

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