“Two faces of Lee Jong-seok, very impactful,” “Big Mouth” released its character teaser 

Actor Lee Jong-seok heralded a strong transformation in his acting.

MBC-TV’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” just released a character teaser video and poster on July 6th. The two faces of Lee Jong-seok (playing Park Chang-ho) is drawing attention.

The video sheds light on the turbulent daily life of “Big Mouth” Park Chang-ho, a lawyer who is struggling to make ends meet. When he was scolded by his wife or suffered from his clients, he makes the audience laugh.

But the atmosphere is instantly reversed. Park Chang-ho is then surrounded by inmates, signaling an unusual situation.

lee jong suk

His change was also eye-catching. He swore to pay back the debt to those who threatened him, creating a thrilling plot line for the story. His strong look caught the audience’s eye.

“Big Mouth” is a story about a lawyer, who is struggling, accidentally getting involved in a murder case. He becomes the “Big Mouse,” a genius con artist, and digs into the bare faces of the privileged. 

lee jong suk

Park Chang-ho, played by Lee Jong-seok, is a lawyer with a winning rate of 10%. He is called “Big Mouth” because of his personality, which tends to speak first before doing anything. One day, he is blamed to be the genius con artist “Big Mouse” and is threatened with his life.

Meanwhile, “Big Mouth” will take over the timeslot after “Doctor Lawyer” ends. It will premiere at 9:50 p.m. on July 29th.

Source: Dispatch

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