fromis_9 Chae Young ended live broadcast after burst into tears due to malicious comments, fans rage at HYBE

Lee Chae Young, a member of the girl group fromis_9, shed tears as she read malicious comments during a Weverse live.

On January 17th, fromis_9 member Chae Young conducted a live broadcast through the fan communication platform Weverse.

However, an account suddenly poured out harsh malicious comments and criticism towards the female idol. The malicious comments included personal attacks on fromis_9 and abusive language toward the members’ parents. As a result, Lee Chae Young ended the broadcast in tears.

fromis_9 member Chae Young

After the broadcast, fromis_9’s fanbase criticized the agency HYBE for not taking measures to protect their artists. Fans on Twitter spread messages, such as “This situation has happened for over a year”, “I trusted HYBE when they announced that they would sue malicious comments, but now I think we should let them know about this issue ”, etc.

fromis_9 member Chae Young

Not only fromis_9 fans but fans of other HYBE artists also reacted strongly. They commented, “The level of malicious comments that idols have to go through is getting higher and higher”, “Weverse live comments are very serious. I hope they don’t ignore it”, “It’s not an issue of another fandom, it happened to my singer and it is still going on”, etc.

Source: Nate

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