Everything about the iconic nude scene in “Titanic”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet filmed a nude scene the first time they met on set. The drawing from this scene sold for 16,000 USD.

Released in 1997 and directed by James Cameron, “Titantic”, which depicts one of the worlds’ most tragic shipwreck, went on to become an all-time classic. At the same time, love story between main characters Jack and Rose, also became iconic.

In “Titanic”, Leonardo DiCarpio assumes the role of poor artist Jack, who got a third class ticket to board the Titanic – the greatest cruise ship at the time. He ended up falling for Rose (Kate Winslet), a noble young lady who was traveling with her mother and fiancé. Their star-crossed love was one that transcends social classes and family obstructions.

Among the many iconic scenes from “Titanic”, the nude scene between Jack and Rose was perhaps one of the most highly-discussed.

The portrait of Rose with her breast out.
The portrait of Rose with her breast out.

In the scene, Rose can be seen taking Jack back to her room and asking him to draw her for a portrait. Then, Rosé took off all her clothes, leaving herself bare except for the rare necklace “The Heart of the Ocean”, shocking Jack. Embarrassed, Jack struggled to draw, before ending up with a gorgeous and delicate portrait of Rosé’s body in its purest form.

As it turns out, the hands drawing the portrait actually belong to director James Cameron. Seeing that the director was left-handed while Leonardo DiCarpio was right-handed, the frame had to be flipped in post-production  to match the actor.

Meanwhile, there’s no nude portrait actually found on the real Titanic. The scene, on the other hand, left both Kate and Leo flustered, since it was the first scene to be done after they got on set.

It was also reported that Leonardo DiCarpio mistakenly told Kate Winslet to lie down on the bed, instead of the actual dialogue, where Jack was supposed to tell Rose to lie down on the sofa. However, James Cameron kept Leonardo DiCarpio’s fumble in the movie, thinking that his flustered reaction was a perfect fit for his character.


When the filming for the scene took place, only a few important staff members stayed on set to reduce the pressure for the two main actors.

In addition, in the scene where Jack and Rose make love inside the car, Rose’s hand glued to the steam-covered car window is also an iconic frame.

Talking about filming such a hot scene with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet said, “We were no longer ourselves at that moment. We were locked in a tight space, the Rose in me was truly immersed in love with Leo’s Jack. When the scene ended, Leo got up and walked away and I lied there thinking, ‘What a shame, it’s over’.”

In 2011, Rose’s nude portrait in the film was said to have sold at an auction for $16,000. However, the final number and the identity of the buyer were not disclosed.

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