The truth behind the witness of Song Kang waiting in line to eat at a famous restaurant

A witness story of actor Song Kang was recently posted on various online communities.

Earlier, a post titled “The restaurant where Song Kang waited in line to eat” spread online.

A fan then posted on Song Kang’s official fancafe, “You were also waiting in line. You haven’t been to the restaurant you often visit for a while, right? Thanks to you, this place has become more popular. The line keeps getting longer.”

Song Kang

However, Song Kang replied, “I’ve never been there before.. I don’t even know where it is. If it’s a nice restaurant, I’ll go there one day”.

The restaurant was previously known as Song Kang’s recommendation, and it became extremely famous. Therefore, many fans were in great shock when the truth was revealed.

In the meantime, Song Kang really visited another branch of this restaurant. He also provided special fanservice, such as taking pictures with fans and signing for them.

Song Kang also drew laughter as he wrote “I come to eat this time!” when leaving his signature for the restaurant. 

Source: Nate

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