NewJeans lip-synced but defended by netizens, double standards compared to IVE?

A music show performance by girl group NewJeans is receiving a lot of attention due to lip-syncing accusations.

It is impossible to deny the sensationality of NewJeans on the Kpop maps, with the girl group constantly nailing hit after hit. With their youthful and bright concept and refreshing music, they are receiving a lot of praise from fans and the public alike.

However, a recent music show performance of NewJeans is being suspected of lip-syncing, leading to controversial opinions. 

NewJeans’ “Ditto” stage on Inkigayo.

Many other 4th Kpop girl groups, such as IVE or aespa, were heavily criticized over lip-syncing, yet when it comes to NewJeans, people speculate that there may have been “double standards”. In particular, NewJeans were defended against the lip-sync accusations, with most netizens leaving empathetic comments, while IVE and aespa were heavily condemned. Some people even called NewJeans the new “favored” group of netizens, stating that it’s unfair for the group to get away scott-free despite not performing live. 

ive rei
….and IVE used to be heavily condemned over lip-syncing accusations 
newjeans inkigayo
A lot of people thus believe that netizens are enforcing “double standards” and favoring NewJeans

On the other hand, some pointed out that NewJeans’ “Ditto” is a light song with few difficult vocal parts, and its choreography is also not too complicated. In addition, they said that Inkigayo was far from NewJeans’ first experience at lip-syncing, and yet the group was never criticized. 

“Ditto” has a relatively relaxed choreography, so lip-syncing is not necessary, some said
“Ditto” has a relatively relaxed choreography, so lip-syncing is not necessary, some said
“Ditto” has a relatively relaxed choreography, so lip-syncing is not necessary, some said

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Don’t covet only NewJeans like that. And stop saying that it’s normal for idols to lip-sync, since you are dragging in people who sing live as well. I can count on my fingers the few times this girl group actually sing live 
  • We should not normalize idols lip-syncing. If aespa, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM was called out, the NewJeans should receive the same treatment. Not to mention the choreography of “Ditto” isn’t that hard
  • You guys buried IVE for lip-syncing, but forgot that IVE sang live even more that NewJeans. This is what I call “double standard”
  • Back in the 2nd generation, lip-syncing was considered a stain in an idol’s career, and yet it is now an almost daily thing. They are not singers but pure dancers. 
  • Has NewJeans even sung live before? They boasted a super loud backtrack at the Blue Dragon Awards. There’s never a live performance to the point it’s pointless to analyze their vocals. 
  • Why is NewJeans the only group to be defended? They need to face the truth instead of getting away with this

Source: Pann

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