Rumors of discord between ITZY Ryujin and Chaeryeong emerged over a quick glance  

A flash of look Ryujin gave Chaeryeong drew attention and debate over the relationships behind the scenes. 

As schoolmates at Hanlim Arts High School and peers born in 2001, Ryujin and Chaeryeong naturally blossomed a strong friendship which often shows in their intimate gestures, such as the “combined-hand hearts” poses or smiling at each other. 


Recently, however, several opinions emerged showing suspicion of the discord between the two, coming from how Ryujin eyed Chaeryeong at one of their shared appearances with ITZY.

In September, ITZY had a time to reveal their cherished items through an episode of “W KOREA” uploaded on their YouTube channel.


When it was the turn for Chaeryeong, she introduced ‘ear acupuncture’ and proceeded to explain, “There is an acupoint in the ear [and the acupuncture] is attached to that spot to help recover from fatigue, or to relieve swelling.”

Next, Chaeryeong shared her experiences, “The first thing I saw was the effect of eating something salty the night before. When I put it on and went to bed, there was no swelling the next day. After that, I began to believe in it blindly.”

Ryujin’s looks at Chaeryeong…mixed reactions from netizens


During this appearance, Ryujin was sitting beside Chaeryeong and suddenly shot a fierce look to her, catching the attention of the viewers. 

Ryujin quickly eyed Chaeryeong up and down for a quick moment. 

The behavior was caught in mixed reactions. Some Internet users expressed negative views, saying, “The other person’s eyes are enough to make the other person feel bad” and “Ryujin’s eyes were also controversial last time.”

On the contrary, others tried to ease the situation, “It may just be Ryujin’s habit,” and “Let’s stop hunting witches,” arguing that her at-the-moment behavior should not be treated with negative connotations. 

Recently, ITZY is set to release its new mini-album “CHESHIRE” on the 30th.

They are making precious memories with fans around the world by launching its first world tour “CHECKMATE WORLD TOUR.”

Source: Insight

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