BTS fandom ARMY: “Don’t represent us without our permission”

On Twitter from Dec 13th to 14th, a hashtag movement was going on among ARMY. As ARMYs are spread not only in Korea but also around the world, their influence is bound to be great.

bts suga

Hundreds of thousands of ARMYs strongly refuted the claims of some netizens who claimed to be ARMY. They showed their fury through the hashtag “#BTS Gallery is not an ARMY #We have never issued any statement #Don’t represent us without our permission.”

Earlier on Dec 13th, following reports that BTS member Suga was sorted as a social service worker, the online community DCInside BTS Gallery issued a statement that might raise many questions. BTS Gallery said, “As Suga has continued to make remarks on military issues through his lyrics, he should express his position on his own.”

bts suga

The reason why Suga was sorted as a social service worker has not been officially revealed, but his shoulder surgery is presumed to be the cause. Suga had a car accident in 2012, and was diagnosed with a shoulder humerus dislocation the following year. Having suffered from shoulder pain continuously, he was diagnosed with a cartilage rupture around the shoulder joint in 2019. Later, in November 2020, he underwent surgery to suture the ruptured joint and gland of his left shoulder.

However, Bangtan Gallery claimed that Suga injured his shoulder 10 years ago and received a first-degree as the result of his physical examination after the injury. Suga then received a fourth-degree recap after his shoulder surgery. They argued that even after the fourth-degree result, Suga needed to express his position in relation to the part where he said, “I will go to the military on my own when the time comes.”

bts suga

BTS’ fandom, ARMY, are strongly protesting against this. “BTS Gallery does not represent ARMY,” one ARMY said to Sports Kyunghyang. “ARMY has no representative,” they claimed, “BTS Gallery is a place where many anti-fans are active. ARMYs know the nature of that community, but the general public doesn’t. It’s because of the name. Us ARMY doesn’t ask Suga to explain anything.”

As always, the controversy surrounding BTS seems to be guarded by the fandom ARMY, not the agency. On the same day, the agency said in regard of the report about Suga being sorted as a social service worker, “It is difficult to confirm because this is private information. He will carry out his military service according to his respective plans.” After the agency’s sloppy explanation, the controversy ignited even more.


On Dec 13th, the oldest member of BTS Jin became the first one to enlist among the members.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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