Detailed analysis of Netflix “Wednesday”: her only real smile, Tyler’s true feelings, and villain hints

The Netflix series “Wednesday”, which has been enjoying a syndrome-like level of popularity, includes a lot of intriguing details. 

From the reason why Wednesday never blinks, the person that can put a smile on her face, to the true feelings Tyler has for Wednesday, a lot of details from Netflix’s “Wednesday” has aroused a lot of discussions from fans. Below is a recap of the explanations behind all of them, according to Netflix, the cast members, and the production team themselves. 


The song Wednesday danced to

Wednesday’s iconic dance moves when she went to the ballroom dance with Tyler has achieved attention way outside of the series, and the entire world is now doing the Wednesday challenge over this. At the same time, it was the 90s Gothic track “Goo Goo Muck” that Wednesday (and the rest of the world) is vibing to. 

wednesday addams

“Goo Goo Muck”, revised by punk band The Cramps from a 1962 version, boasts a unique meaning and pace that actually fit “Wednesday” to a tee. With lyrics such as “When the sun goes down, and the moon comes up, I turn into a teenage goo goo muck. Yeah, I cruise through the city and I roam the street, ;looking for something that is nice to eat,” the song also alludes to the plot of “Wednesday”, where there’s also a man-eating monster taunting the student of Nevermore and its surrounding. 

The flowers of Marilyn Thornhill 


SPOILER ALERT. Upon finishing the series, viewers of “Wednesday” realized that the true villain of the series is not the monster Hyde, but rather Marilyn Thornhill, the first human teacher at Nevermore Academy. Whilst this is only revealed in the very end, there have actually been quite many hints sprinkled throughout the series, particularly through Thornhill’s black dahlias. 

In particular, Marylin Thornhill gifted Wednesday one of her black dahlias after they met, noting Wednesday’s aversion to colors and overall “dark persona”. As it later turns out, the flowers embodied the dark themes of the series as the whole, symbolizing “death, betrayals, warnings, and negative emotions”. It is a warning bestowed upon Wednesday, that deaths and betrayals would soon follow her. At the same time, it is a referral to a 1947 murder case called “The Black Dahlia murder”, one of history’s most famous unsolved mysteries, and also one of the most gruesome ones. 


On the other hand, Thornhill is also shown to feed a Venus flytrap, just like how she is “feeding” the monster Hyde inside Tyler, and preparing a deadly trap for Wednesday. Additionally, upon Wednesday’s expulsion from Nevermore, she gifted our female lead white oleander as a parting gift, which was a deadly plant that symbolizes renewal and destiny – a clever metaphor for how she set out her plans.

Tyler’s true personality

Tyler first appeared as a friendly guy who’s willing to assist Wednesday, only for Xavier to warn Wednesday against getting too chummy with him. Initially, many people assumed that Xavier acted up due to jealousy, but it was later revealed that Tyler had a clash with Nevermore students, to the point of destroying Xavier’s painting. 


Tyler eventually told Wednesday that he regretted such actions and that he has changed. However, considering that he’s capable of transforming into the monstrous Hyde and details how he enjoys killing people, his cruelty has never receded, and he is not a complete puppet under Thornhill. 

Wednesday not blinking 

Wednesday Addams as a character concept is spooky and outcast enough,but the Wednesday in the 2022 Netflix version has an added trait – she never blinks. Of course, there are moments where her eyes are close – like when she travels to Nevermore with her parents, when she hugs her roommate Enid Sinclair after taking down the villain and so on, but these were all when Wednesday are at the peak of her emotions. 

jenna ortega wednesday addams thumbnail

Originally, not blinking has never been planned for Wednesday, but according to Netflix themselves, after trying one unblinking take, creative director Tim Burton became enamored with the result. In the end, he told leading actress Jenna Ortega to not blink anymore, and she followed suit, making for our favorite unblinking Wednesday.

Tyler’s true feelings towards Wednesday 

Despite it having been revealed that Tyler approached Wednesday mostly for his evil schemes, many viewers still enjoyed the two’s chemistry, and questioned if Tyler had any feelings for Wednesday.

wednesday Addams

Regarding this, Hunter Doohan, the actor behind Tyler, shared a piece of his mind, telling Yahoo that he thinks Tyler is “always playing” with the female lead. “Maybe there’s an attraction there and, he probably wouldn’t admit it, but a respect for her, but he’s filled with so much anger and hatred toward her and her family and all of Nevermore because of what happened to his mom,” he added, 

Wednesday’s only real smile 

It’s not that Wednesday Addams never smiles, but throughout the first season, she only sincerely smiled once, when she met her uncle Fester Addams, as pointed out by Screen Rant. For the rest of the show, she’s either deadpan or smirking, showing her constant wits and schemes.


As Fester and Wednesday went to investigate, it can be seen that the two share an extremely tight bond and a lot of similarities. Wednesday keeps up a front even against her own parents, and yet showed emotions in front of her uncle, such as crying when Thing was hurt. 

Source: Distractify, Screen Rant 1 2 3, Yahoo, AMP 

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