“We will be by Seokjin’s side” Fans of BTS Jin show support for his new chapter

Fans of BTS Jin show love and support for the male idol’s future activities.

Jin‘s Korean supporters ‘With Seokjin’ announced on June 19th, “To support our precious Seokjin, we will be running a Panorama Road wall advertisement in front of HYBE from June 24th to 26th.” The advertisement will show Jin’s photos from the beginning of his debut to the present, along with fans of BTS Jin’s loving messages that they will always be with Jin, such as “We will be together until the end like the moon and the earth” and “We will stay by Seokjin’s side”.

Fans of BTS Jin

This fan support for Jin’s start of a new chapter is expected to be seen not only by Jin himself, but also by many people who visit HYBE Yongsan Trade Center and HYBE Museum. In addition, from July 1st to July 7th, digital signage advertisements will be displayed on four large screens located in the airport railroad and Line 2 transfer passages in Hongik University Station, Seoul.

bts jin

Jin’s Korean fandom is sending strong support for Jin’s activities with strong fan power and extraordinary affection. In particular, “With Seokjin” is Jin’s big domestic support account. This account has expressed special affection towards Jin by providing various support not only for Jin’s birthday but also for large and small anniversaries.

bts jin

This account received warm responses from fans by carrying out Super Tuna YouTube advertisement in April, TV advertisement support for the 64th Grammy Awards, LED truck support to celebrate the holding of “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” in March as well as congratulatory advertisement in New York Times Square on Jin’s birthday last year.

bts jin

Meanwhile, BTS plans to focus on various solo activities for each member by wrapping up Chapter 1 after the release of the anthology album “Proof”. Accordingly, Jin’s fans are cheering for the start of his new chapter including the release of solo songs, appearances on variety shows and acting, which is Jin’s major.

bts jin

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