After collaborating with Jang Wonyoung, Park Jinyoung was joined on new “Groove Back” stage by this female idol 

Park Jinyoung became a hot topic for another collaboration performance on MBC’s “Music Core”.

Park Jinyoung, who is making his comeback after 2 years and 3 months, is a hot topic with his surprise performances on music shows.

Park Jinyoung performed his new song “Groove Back (Feat. Gaeko)” on November 18th ahead of the release of his new single “Groove Missing” on November 21st.

Park Jinyoung is drawing attention by dancing with a surprise partner in every performance.


In particular, on the stage of “Music Bank” on November 18th, his surprise collaboration performance with IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, went viral. Wearing matching all-white outfits, the two attracted attention by boasting a unique chemistry that no one expected. 

On the 19th MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, a female idol who used to be active in the same group as Jang Wonyoung put on another surprise performance with Park Jinyoung.

It was Jo Yuri, who debuted in IZ*ONE and is actively promoting as a soloist.


Dressed in gorgeous gold matching outfits reminiscent of Egypt, the two showed off their top dancing skills. The sparkling golden costumes reflected in the lighting also made the performance even more eye-catching.

Netizens showed reactions such as, “It’s an unexpected combination, but they subtly match well”, and “A stage that only Park Jinyoung can do”.

In fact, Park Jinyoung initially planned to use “Groove Back” only as a dance challenge, but he decided to perform it because of the enthusiastic support of music fans around the world.

Previously, through the JYP WORLD Random Play Dance TOUR 2022, Park Jinyoung performed the “Groove Back” dance challenge in various cities, from Seoul to Barcelona, Bangkok, São Paulo, and Los Angeles. 

Meanwhile, Park Jinyoung will release his new digital single “Groove Missing” at 6 pm KST on November 21st.

Source: Insight.

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