Interview with the writer and director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” pt. 1: “Why does Woo Young-woo eat kimbap vertically and horizontally?”

Writer Moon Ji-won and director Yoo In-sik of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” talked about the whales, love lines, villains, what to watch, etc. from the series.

In the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (hereinafter referred to as “Woo Young-woo”), which is gaining explosive popularity, there is no villain who confronts the main character in every case. In many recent popular dramas, there is usually a person who opposes the main character as the main villain, but it is hard to say for “Woo Young-woo” because many have their own stories and don’t appear regularly in the story.

In response, writer Moon Ji-won, who wrote the script, said at a press conference with the production team on July 26th, “I thought Woo Young-woo’s biggest difficulty in her career as a lawyer could be autism itself and the prejudice that comes from it,” she added, “When making this drama, we didn’t try to avoid portraying the difficulties that happen due to autism, we tried to show that detail as much as possible.” In the meeting, director Yoo In-sik, who was in charge of directing the drama series, also answered questions about the drama.

Below are writer Moon Ji-won and director Yoo In-sik’s answers about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

  • Why did you choose “Strange Attorney Woo” (literal title) as the title?   

“I thought the word ‘strange’ was very appropriate to describe the character Woo Young-woo. There are unfamiliar and heterogeneous negative meanings to it, but I think her creative thoughts can only be done because she is strange, and her power to make a better society comes from her strange self.” (Moon Ji-won) 

  • Woo Young-woo eats kimbap vertically and horizontally. Is there any intention behind the way she eats?   

“I don’t think it’s intended. There are many scenes where actress Park Eun-bin eats kimbap. Woo Young-woo’s kimbap is often cut into thin slices and made to be eaten often. Maybe that’s why it was good to eat vertically. However, if you come to the scene and see how Park Eun-bin works with us to the point that there is no scene where actress Park Eun-bin’s idea is not added, you will see how Young-woo acts. The first time will be to watch her acts, the second time is to be amazed by her, and only from the 3rd time did we actually do the filming.” (Yoo In-sik)

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