3rd Gen Male Idol Made Off-screen Comment during Fancall, Compared to Kim Jiwoong? 

A 3rd gen male idol is being showered in praise after his off-screen comment was accidentally captured in a fancall. 

On February 25, Kim Jaehwan, a soloist and former member of famous 3rd gen boy group WANNA ONE held an offline fansign and online fancall event. 

During the online event, however, a fan was able to hear Jaehwan talking to a staff member off-screen, right before her turn for the video call began. 

Kim Jaehwan

The fan later took to SNS platform X (formerly Twitter) to share their experience, saying, “While I was waiting for my turn – right before my video call was connected and after the fan who called before me wrapped up, I overheard Kim Jaehwan talking to a staff member”. 

The fan also shared a recording, where Kim Jaehwan can be said softly, “Time passes by so quickly… It just really flies”. In addition, when the staff told the male idol to prepare for the next fan, he blurted out that time must have flown because he was “so happy”.

It seems that being able to talk with fans after a long time has really moved Kim Jaehwan, leading him to blurt out his strong emotions. 

As a result, the fan was touched by Jaehwan’s unintentional words and promised that she’d be “his fan forever”. 

This gesture of Kim Jaehwan was later posted on the Korean forum “theqoo”, where many people praised him for having a pretty heart and expressed how they felt touched by his words. 

On the other hand, some more negative netizens are comparing Jaehwan to Kim Jiwoong, who was accused of cursing off-screen after a fancall and later had to face intense criticism. The male idol has since denied the allegations, it seems that but negative comments targeting him has not subsided.

Source: theqoo, X

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