NCT Dream’s appearance before signing with SM Entertainment suddenly went viral, drawing attention  

SM Entertainment is a top artist management agency, famous for its ability to recognize a star just by looking at their appearance. NCT Dream is a perfect example of this.  

SM Entertainment is a top-tier artist management agency, which is why many want to become its trainee to incubate their dream of becoming an idol. To be able to get accepted into this company, aside from music talent, one must have an eye-catching outer appearance. SM has proven its ability to recognize a star just by looking at their visual, and NCT Dream is a perfect example of this.

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Recently, netizens are spreading photos of NCT Dream when they were still trainees of SM Entertainment. As the members all joined SM at a very young age, fans are surprised by how childlike they looked in these pre-debut photos.

Specifically, Mark became an SM trainee in 2012, when he was a 13-year-old boy. His features hadn’t fully grown yet, but he had already shown his star potential/ After 10 years, Mark is now a famous idol loved by many due to his handsome face, unique charm and perfect musical talent.

Just like Mark, Jeno joined SM Entertainment when he was 13 years old. At the time, Jeno already possessed an eye-catching appearance: high nose bridge, thin lips, and the eye smile. As time passes by, Jeno still maintains his mentioned trademark features and currently has one of the biggest fanbases among the members of NCT.

Jaemin also joined SM Entertainment at the age of 13. Ever since he was still a child, Jaemin has already impressed fans with his shining smile that can give people positive energy. After debuting with NCT, Jaemin soon rose on the famous chart thanks to his eye-catching visual and bright vibe.

Haechan also joined SM Entertainment at the age of 13. Unlike Jaemin or Jeno, at that time, Haechan did not possess many outstanding facial features. The male idol has a rather chubby face. Currently, Haechan has become much more handsome with his delicate facial features.

Jisung’s story is even more shocking as he became a trainee at the age of 11. When he started pursuing his idol dream, the male idol was just a little boy and had to rely entirely on his parents’ care. After debuting, Jisung was loved for his small face, cute eyes, and playful personality. He is the best case for the saying that: “SM has a vision that can foresee one’s visual of ten years later”.

Renjun became an SM trainee at the age of 14, slightly older than the rest of the group. At that time, all the handsome features on the male idol’s face have gradually revealed. Besides, Renjun was also admired for willing to leave his hometown of China to lead an independent life despite his young age. Not to mention his perfect Korean skill. Up to now, Renjun has been nicknamed by netizens as NCT‘s “chameleon” due to his ability to digest many hair colors and outfits.

Chenle joined SM Entertainment at the age of 15. However, at that time, he has a rather small physique and was fairly thin. He also possesses an outstanding visual with a bright smile, thick eyebrows, and a high nose. Just like Renjun, Chenle left his hometown of China at a very young age. Currently, Chenle has gained more weight compared to his pre-debut era. He is now attracting fans with a top-notch stage aura.

Most of the NCT Dream members have joined SM Entertainment at a young age. They are also the best proof of this entertainment company’s long-term visual vision. Thereby, the audience can understand why SM always has such a solid position in the K-pop industry.

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