Yoona reminisces about filming for “King the Land” one week after the drama wraps up 

Yoona updated fans on behind-the-scenes photos in the first week after “King the Land” ended. 

On August 13, Yoona posted several photos on her Instagram, saying farewell to the “King the Land” project, which reached its final episodes in the previous week. In the released photos, Yoona captioned the pictures with hashtags such as, “Angel-land,” “First weekend without King The Land,” and “Behind-the-scenes cuts.” Also in the released images, Yoona boasted a bright smile as she posed with other cast members of “King the Land” and her co-star Lee Jun Ho. One photo revealed the actress making a heart shape. The following photos showed Yoona having a fun time by the pool. 


In the comment session, netizens revealed how they felt during the first week without “King the Land,” saying, “First week without ‘King the Land’ is so empty,” “Weekends will never be the same again without ‘King the Land’,” and “My weekend is gone.” 

“King the Land”’s rating peaked in the last episode aired on August 6, reaching 13,7% nationwide. It received an average two-digit rating of 10.2% through 16 episodes. “King the Land” tells the love story of Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho), heir and head general manager of the King Hotel, and Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona), a hotelier who is called the “smile queen.” 

Source: naver 

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