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A boyfriend reveals that his girlfriend has a tattoo of her ex’s name on a private part of her body (Witch Hunt 2022)

The story of a man worrying about his girlfriend keeping the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name was introduced through “Witch Hunt 2022”.

In the 4th episode of TVing’s 19+ talk show “Witch Hunt 2022”, which was released on the evening of August 26th, the story of A, who suffered an absurd situation while sleeping with his girlfriend, was revealed.

After dating his same-age girlfriend for a month, A suggested the two sleep together in his own house. A wanted to see the body of his girlfriend in detail, but his girlfriend told him to turn off all the light every time they slept together to prevent him from seeing her body too carefully.

One day, A, who had to turn off the lights whenever they slept together, found a tattoo engraved on his girlfriend’s private part while having sex. The tattoo was a picture of a Mobius strip, which symbolized “eternity”, and “JSW”, which are initials of a name. 

A then asked his girlfriend about the tattoo, but she answered coldly, “Ignore the tattoo since you have nothing to do with it”.

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In the end, A went on his girlfriend’s SNS account and found out that “JSW” was the initials in the name of her ex-boyfriend, whom she used to date for 5 years. After figuring out the truth about her tattoo, A asked his girlfriend about the behind story of the tattoo, and only then did she tell him everything.

Upon hearing A’s story, Kim Yi-na angrily said, “Isn’t it a bit awkward?”, adding “It’s already awkward as she tattooed the initials of her ex’s name but she even engraved it on her private part”. 

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Singer Code Kunst said, “I would break up with the girlfriend if I were in that situation, but it’s not easy to do that in reality”.

Singer Han Hae drew attention by giving an unexpected answer, saying “I don’t like this situation at all but I don’t think it’s enough to be a reason for a breakup. Also, if the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend disappears at some point while they are dating, I think he will feel better realizing that she has fallen for him even more”.

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Singer-actor Hani agreed with Han Hae’s opinion. She shared, “It’s already in the past, I don’t think it matters if he listens to his girlfriend’s position and understands her”.

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