YG Entertainment’s new actors: top-class visuals can’t wait to show their acting skills

After their debut as actors, Jisoo, Naeun and Jiae are all highly anticipated to stir up the acting industry with their beauty.

Not only famous for its top idols, YG Entertainment is also in possession of many talented actors with top-class visual. Among them, the new generation of YG actors, especially Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Naeun (APINK) and Ji Ae (LOVELYZ), are in the center of attention for their visuals, promising a bright future for them in the acting industry.


Jisoo must be the BLACKPINK member with the strongest actor vibe, which is why her fans are highly anticipating her acting career. Fans are not disappointed at all as YG Entertainment officially updated Jisoo’s acting profile in July, indicating its plan for Jisoo to debut as an actor.


With a visual that lines up well with the Korean beauty standard, Jisoo fits well with the actor role. The BLACKPINK member soon got her 1st main role in the drama “Snowdrop”. “Snowdrop” is schedules to air in December this year.

jisoo jung hae in


The most famous member of APINK – Son Na-eun surprised netizens by her sudden announcement of joining YG in May to pursue her acting career. Na-eun debuted as a member of APINK in 2011 and gained huge attention for her outstanding visual. She is also praised as one of the “goddesses” of Korean showbiz.

Apart from being an idol, Na-eun is carrying out many acting activities. Turning to acting in 2012 with her debut drama “The Great Seer”, Na-eun made her first step in proving herself as a potential actress to the audiences. Thanks to her appearance and efforts, Na-eun continued to impress the viewers with her roles in various other works, such as “Cinderella And Four Knights”, “The Wrath” and “Dinner Mate”. In 2020, Son Na-eun was nominated for the Best New Actress category at MBC Drama Awards.

na eun
Son Na-eun has attracted keen attention thanks to her outstanding beauty.

After coming to YG, Na-eun has gained notable achievements. In July, YG announced Na-eun’s appearance in a new TV series called “The Ghost Doctor” starring many famous stars, including Bi Rain and Kim Bum.

na eun
Na-eun is expected to take advantage of YG’s film and fashion resources to show more explosive performance in the future.

Ji Ae

After LOVELYZ officially disbanded on November 16, the future of the members has always been of great interest to fans.  Recently, YG suddenly announced that Ji Ae had signed an actor contract with the company, surprising many fans.

YG announced, “We will try our best to bring to the public Yoo Ji Ae’s new look and charm.  We will fully support her so ạas she can do more diverse and active activities in the future with her talents.”

ji ae
 Yoo Ji Ae has a pure visual.  (Photo: bnt International)

Ji Ae debuted with LOVELYZ in 2014. She impresses fans with her pure and gentle visual.  Ji Ae once appeared in the drama Master of Study, drawing attention. Signing into YG, the idol is set to become an actress with a bright future thanks to her abundant resources.

ji ae
 Her new journey as an actress will begin under YG.  (Photo: Twitter)

In addition to the top K-pop idols, YG surprises many people for their ways of attracting actors.  The company’s actresses all possess top-notch visuals. Even though some of them might need to practice their acting skills more, these actors and actresses are all promising names in the industry.

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