TWICE Nayeon and Tzuyu showed off their true friendship, saying they’ve never fought throughout 8 years together

TWICE’s oldest member Nayeon and youngest member Tzuyu revealed a story that they have never fought with each other.


On Mar 22nd, a video of Nayeon and Tzuyu eating and chatting together was released on TWICE’s official YouTube channel.

They surprised fans by confessing that they had rarely eaten together.

Nayeon and Tzuyu sat down in a restaurant with a good atmosphere, then talked to each other while eating the foods they have been wanted to eat.

Nayeon said, “I was always with the members during the early days of our debut, fortunately, I don’t think we fought.”

She then cautiously said, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a fight with Tzuyu either.”

Tzuyu deeply sympathized with this and continued the conversation.

Tzuyu then honestly said, “I don’t think we would have gotten this close if I weren’t on the same team as Nayeon.”

Tzuyu explained that Nayeon was already a long-time senior who was practicing in the debut group when she joined JYP Entertainment.

Nayeon laughed at Tzuyu‘s words and nodded as if she understood her feelings.

Meanwhile, TWICE is scheduled to meet with their global fans through the Tokyo Dome Tour in April after their tour in the U.S.

※ You can check out the video from 08:21.

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