Yang Kyung-won’s “Big Mouth” Gong Ji-hoon: “A bad guy rather than a villain, I have even met fans on the street”

Actor Yang Kyung-won proved another new side of him again in “Big Mouth.”

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (produced by Jang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-soon, written by Kim Ha-ram, and directed by Oh Choong-hwan) recently ended its long run with the 16th episode (last episode) on Sep 17th. Amid the series’ popularity until the last episode, Yang Kyung-won‘s true value, who completed a high-end performance by becoming Gong Ji-hoon himself with his acting skills and experience, receives favorable reviews.

Gong Ji-hoon is the president of the media tycoon Woojung Ilbo, and Yang Kyung-won perfectly expressed his madness created by power and material desire. Gong Ji-hoon’s character, who cooperated with his “enemy” Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) in order not to be deprived of what made him a meticulous and vicious privileged villain, showed a strong presence in the “Big Mouth” development. 

Yang Kyung-won

Yang Kyung-won’s creepy acting ability, which realistically portrayed the opportunist Gong Ji-hoon, overwhelmed the audience. Each of his lines and scenes gave off the energy of his overflowing skills, immersing viewers with his explosive passionate acting that perfectly builds the character Gong Ji-hoon. His cold-blooded snake-like eyes formed an unrivaled atmosphere that seemed to freeze the air, and left an impression so strong that some even call him “the birth of a new villain”.

In response to such favorable reviews, Yang Kyung-won said, “I think Gong Ji-hoon is more of a bad guy than a villain. There are many scenes where he was so sloppy that he can’t keep his straight face to boast. That’s why I think the viewers feel sorry for him rather than hate him,” he said. Regarding the impressive viewer’s response, he said, “I met a person who greeted me warmly on the street saying that they were a ‘Big Mouth’ fan. Thank you for taking that opportunity to give me such good energy,” he said, making everyone smile. 

yang kyung won big mouth

When asked about what kind of effort he put into creating Gong Ji-hoon, Yang Kyung-won explained, “He’s a coward who lives by covering his weak parts with money and power,” adding, “I thought about what kind of unfiltered words and actions would come straight from the heart without being filtered through the brain of Gong Ji-hoon, who has both power and wealth.” 

He also cited the face-to-face meeting with Chairman Kang Sung-keun (Jeon Kook-hwan) as the best scene of Gong Ji-hoon. “It was more impressive to see Gong Ji-hoon in front of someone stronger than him than the attitude he showed in front of those who are weak,” he said, adding, “He is a strong and weak person, so his attitude toward Chairman Kang Sung-geun is very different. I personally enjoyed such inconsistent scenes where he is an opportunist but sometimes treats others with compassion,” he explained. Finally, he said to the viewers of “Big Mouth”, “I am truly grateful to everyone who has been with ‘Big Mouth’ until the end. Always be healthy and I will come back with another work and another new appearance.”

Yang Kyung-won perfectly showed a heavy aura and presence without filtering through “Big Mouth.” His role this time has raised the expectations for his future moves to see how he will show a new face that hasn’t been seen in any of his previous works.

Source: Daum

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