The Mirror Selfie Trend that K-pop Idols Love These Days

The latest mirror selfie trend is a hit among K-pop idols and celebrities. 

Recently, various online communities have been buzzing with posts titled “The Selfie Trend in Korean Entertainment Industry,” featuring mirror selfies from idols such as Karina from aespa, Sunwoo from The Boyz, Nayeon from TWICE, Ex-Momoland’s Yeonwoo.

In these photos, the idols switch to their phone’s front-facing camera mode and flip their phones to capture their reflection in the mirror, resulting in a unique and innovative selfie style. 

Netizens who have seen these photos have praised the idols for their skillful mirror selfies and expressed their desire to try the trend themselves.

Some netizens have also drawn connections between the popularity of mirror selfies and the current trend of MZ (Millennial and Gen Z) sentiment. As many celebrities and influencers are known for setting trends and shaping the tastes of the younger generations, it’s no surprise that the mirror selfie trend is gaining traction.

Source: wikitree

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