“Cobweb” Jeon Yeo-bin Talks About Acting With Song Kang-ho+Not Wanting To Be Ashamed As An Actress

Actress Jeon Yeo-bin sharedher feelings about working with Song Kang-ho

Jeon Yeo-bin of the movie “Cobweb” had an interview with SpoTV News at a cafe in Samcheong-dong on the morning of September 22nd and told various stories about the movie.

Intheinterview, Jeon Yeo-bin said, “I think Kang-ho and director Ji-woon have a very deep relationship. It’s been 25 years so far. A few years ago, I felt, ‘They’ve been working together for 20 years. How could you do that? I vaguely thought, ‘I’m very jealous of the relationship between the two.”

Jeon Yeo-bin

“And as an actress, my dream was to make eye contact with senior Kang-ho and exchange energy (while acting). The opportunity to realize my dream came, but what I decided on myself was, ‘Let’s be more calm. Let’s face what needs to be expressed as an actor versus an actor.”

She added, “I respect him so much, but I didn’t want to be ashamed as an actor in front of another actor. I didn’t want to give such disappointment to the director and senior that I respect too much. That was probably a great responsibility for me as an individual. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel excited when working with him. It’s like a chemical reaction. There were times when my heart was pounding all of a sudden or when I had moments like “Calm down, calm down,” she laughed.

Jeon Yeo-bin

Jeon Yeo-bin said, “In the end, I acted with love. It’s the moment I really wanted. It’s the most cinematic moment I’ve ever wanted. I never want to miss this cinematic moment. I have to feel and express everything.”

“What I felt after finishing “Cobweb” is that I feel like I’m becoming a different person than before. Surely it’s even a centimeter bigger. Whatever it is, whether it’s the amplitude of the mind, whether it’s the amplitude of inspiration, whether it’s the amplitude of life, it’s gotten a little thicker and wider. People read books, watch movies, or have conversations with their friends, and enjoy great joy when the world they experience expands a little while sharing their experiences with each other,” she shared. “Even when I accept the appreciation or knowledge I enjoy, I feel alive while enjoying the experience of expanding, and I feel that I am different from me a minute ago.” 

“Cobweb” is a film that depicts Kim (Song Kang-ho), who believes that the movie “Cobweb” made in the 1970s will become a masterpiece if he re-films its ending, pushes ahead with filming under unfavorable conditions on the verge of madness. It will be released on September 27th.

Source: SpoTV

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